Update on the Weeds...

As part of the Lake Shangrila Community and Board Members of the Lake Shangrila Property Owners Association, we recognize and appreciate the concern over the current status of weeds in the lake.  We have been working diligently with Clarke Company and the DNR to address these concerns in the most timely manner as possible.  In the spirit of transparency, we would like to update you on the measures that have been taken and are currently ongoing to address this issue head on.
Last year, we contracted Clarke Company to survey and treat our lake for a hybrid form of very invasive Milfoil.  We worked with the DNR throughout the process and are happy to announce that the process of eradicating the Milfoil was a huge success!  However, it is obvious to us and Clarke Company after surveying the lake this spring that we need to now combat the Curly Leaf that is taking over and causing a lot of concern.  Due to the strange weather this spring, the lake seemed crystal clear one day and full of weeds the next.  Please know that we are working with Clarke Company and the DNR to finalize the proposal to spray for Curly Leaf and hope to spray ASAP.
Although, Curly leaf will die off naturally by July, we recognize that in its current state, it interferes with swimming, jet skiing and boating.  Raking out the weeds that are accessible to you and are washing up on the shoreline will help to move the process along.  We also recognize that this is laborious and time consuming process; however, it is necessary to keep our lake as beautiful and clean as possible.
If you have any further questions or concerns regarding Clarke Company or the LSPOA, please contact William Schulz, President of the LSPOA, at thesmoke@wi.rr.com





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